Peñafiel Castle

Peñafiel, Spain

Construction works for Peñafiel Castle commenced in the 10th century, although the contemporary structure underwent major interventions during the 14th and 15th centuries. This medieval fortress was declared a National Monument in 1917 and currently stands as a veritable emblem of wine tourism in Ribera del Duero.

Peñafiel and its castle were key defensive locations along river Duero, both for Christians and Muslims in the 9th and 10thcenturies. Sitting atop the hill, the castle controlled the valleys of rivers Duero, Duratón and Botijas, and protected the population.



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Founded: 10th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Spain

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evangelia stavrianakou (2 years ago)
Amazing experience! We visited the castle and the wine museum and we also went to a wine tasting session (all that for less than 10 euros per person). Everything was so interesting and very well organised. The tour guide that was showing us the castle and the lady who organised the wine tasting were both great professionals and very kind!
Pitiflauticus Yomismo (3 years ago)
Spectacular castle and views of the town, truly impressive. However you cannot visit the castle on your own, you can only visit it as part of a guided tour. Removing two stars because if this
Eduardo Ramirez (3 years ago)
Beatiful castle on top of the hill in Peñafiel, located 56 km from valladolid, Spain. One of the 4 castles but the best conserved.
Drew B (3 years ago)
We took the Spanish tour which was tough because we don't speak Spanish, but we were still able to learn a lot. Based on the laughter of those who could speak Spanish, the tour guide was funny. Here are my notes: a long time ago in a land far away a castle was built on a hill. It was stone and boat shaped. Definitely recommend!
Larry Wilson (4 years ago)
The castle is beautiful. However, you have to be with a tour (which is only given in Spanish) wish it was in English or other languages. You have limited access and can't explore on your own. The views are spectacular and fantastic photos are everywhere.
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