Cabra Castle

Cabra, Spain

The Castle of Cabra was raised, within the walled enclosure  in the North West of the present town, on a spot high enough to overlook the whole town. It is said that it had a central square surrounded by a strong wall with eighteen towers where eight or ten thousand men could march. At present, most of what remains, it is enclosed within the constructions of the present School of the Escolapias. Among the constructions we have been able to locate the wall, of which something more than half still remains and to track the rest until we were able to determine, quite accurately, the plant of the enclosure which must have been quadrangular, of about 76x47m. The thickness of the walls is about two meters and sixty centimetres, approximately. The fact that the rest of the walls- and possibly of towers are surrounded by modern constructions hinders their thorough study.

As far as the towers are concerned, we can say that two of them are well known, plus the location of other two, that were to the sides of the present front door to the enclosure. In the centre of the East wall and half way out is the tower of Homage. It is almost square shaped and it is more than twenty meters high. At about eleven meter above ground level there is a squared chamber with an eight sided vault ceiling with tubes in the angles. The other tower is located in the northwest angle. It is of squared plant, with the angle that looks to the interior of the chamfered enclosure. The lower part is massive and in the upper part there is a chamber with a barrel vault. It still keeps about ten meters of its height and its maximum surface on the plant is 6.5×6.3m.

Of the other two acknowledged towers there only remain their foundations upon which modern constructions have risen.



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Founded: 9th century AD
Category: Castles and fortifications in Spain

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Iain Mc (11 months ago)
Came here with my partner for our 10 year anniversary and we loved it . Food was lovely the castle and room were brilliant the outdoor area is gorgeous. We set out ourselves to have a relaxing night away and that was exactly what we got to do. The staff stood out the most as they were all very friendly and helpful . Most definitely recommend and will be returning in the future . Great night away
Sailing Anne-Louise (11 months ago)
We were part of a wedding celebration at the Castle - which went extremely smoothly and to plan. The staff, across the board, were always cheerful and welcoming - even if we were just passing them in the hotel or grounds. I would strongly recommend this as an ideal wedding venue.
Seán Redmond (11 months ago)
A fantastic experience in Cabra Castle. The entire stay was brilliant, relaxing and enjoyable. The staff were 5 star, they went above and beyond to make our stay as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. The settings is absolutely beautiful, with extremely well maintained grounds beautiful scenery. This place deserves 5 Stars in every way. I can't say enough good things about it. A most enjoyable and relaxing stay. Well done to everyone and a huge thank you.
Bob Logan (11 months ago)
Attended a wedding at the weekend, from the seamless warm welcome at reception through out our 2 day stay, we couldn't praise the staff enough. The service, food rooms were excellent. Highly recommend to anyone thinking about visiting Cabra Castle.
Vincent Scully (13 months ago)
We had our wedding in the Cabra Castle Hotel in June 2023 and I cannot recommend this hotel enough! From the moment we had our initial meeting, the wedding team were incredible, with amazing attention to detail. Due to a bereavement in my family, we needed to move our wedding date, and they were so accommodating. On the actual wedding day itself, the whole event was managed with precision and even more attention to detail. The venue was amazing, the food was incredible, the staff were so friendly and helpful and all our guests had an amazing time and every one of them commented on the hotel and food. If you are looking for a location for your wedding, look no further, you have found the best place. 5 stars is not enough! Thank you Cabra Castle for helping us create memories that will last a lifetime!
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