Royal Stables of Córdoba

Córdoba, Spain

Royal Stables (Caballerizas Reales) are a set of stables in Córdoba. The building is situated in the historic centre and borders the Guadalquivir. The stables housed the best stallions and mares of the royal stud breed Andalusian horse.

By royal decree of Felipe II on November 28, 1567, the Spanish Horse breed with formalized standards was created, and a royal stable was established in Córdoba. The king commissioned Diego López de Haro y Sotomayor, 1st Marquis of El Carpio to build the stables on part of the site of the Alcázar fortress.

The building design is characterized by a distinct military style in keeping with its location by the Alcázar fortress. The main area features a cross-vaulted roof which is supported on sandstone columns and is divided into small stables. The building features a permanent equestrian display.



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Founded: 1567
Category: Miscellaneous historic sites in Spain

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Sean O'Neill (8 months ago)
We booked premium tickets for the Andalusian Royal Horse Show. The show didn't disappoint. For an extra 6 euros vs normal tickets, you get premium position seats which have a back and more leg room. You also get access to the arena 30 minutes early so you get to meet the horses and take some photos. Note photos are not allowed during the show. The show itself is a mix of dressage, flamenco and horse exercises. It really is a wonderful experience, especially the evening show as the sun goes down.
The Italian Wine Girl (11 months ago)
Worthy a visit even if you are not passionate about horses. The animals are stunning, elegant, so well trained… it’s fascinating. For 5 euros you can watch the training sessions everyday for how long you desire (they last 1.5 hours) and walk through the stables in direct contact with the horses and the personnel. It’s an immersive experience.
Matt K (12 months ago)
Stumbled across the ticket booth and decided to buy the tickets for this equestrian show. The normal tickets are fine, no need to buy the premium tickets. It was good and if you are there early, you can access the stable to meet the horses. You can even pat them and take photos with them. That was real nice. The show was good and something different from just visiting cathedrals and basilicas in Spain. Ticket isn't expensive.
Jan Winterborne (17 months ago)
Fabulous!! If you love horses this is the place to visit. As well as the shows you can watch the horses practise for 5€ (correct at this time)
Stuart Clennett (18 months ago)
Utterly amazing. We attended the stables for 90 minutes before the show and we loved how kind the riders were to the horses. This is reflected in the show which shows stunning horses relaxed in their job. A must-see for any horse lover.
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