Château de Trévien

Trévien, France

Château de Trévien was built in the 15th-16th centuries. The square form castle has towers in every corners.


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Trévien, France
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Founded: 15th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in France
Historical period: Valois Dynasty and Hundred Year's War (France)


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Gregory Boyer (8 months ago)
History says that this ancient medieval fortress was built at the request of the Bishop of Albi, during the 13th century. During the 18th century, this episcopal castle, a magnificent place of summer residence for these men of light, was abandoned (quickly) in favor of another place located in Albi. And since nothing is lost, and everything is transformed, these gentlemen will dismantle the monument to build others... And today, the result is there: pretty remains and pretty views!
Julien Terrier (13 months ago)
Lucinda Lopes (3 years ago)
Alain Robert (4 years ago)
Vega André (4 years ago)
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