Torup Castle

Torup Castle, completed around 1540, is one of the best preserved medieval castles in Sweden. It was built by Görvel Fadersdotter (Sparre). Torup Castle was restored between 1602-1630 to the the appearance it has today. Later Torup was owned by Stjernblad and Coyet families and since 1970 the Malmö municipality.

On May 21, 1775 a tragic accident occured at Torup Castle. Cornet Fredrich Trolle along with his aunt Frederica Harms and her sisters Brita Sophia Trolle and Elisabeth Augusta Trolle went on a rowing trip in Castle lake. The boat capsized and despite the rapid rescue attempts all four drowned. The incident was widely reported around the country.



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Age & Location


Historical period
Early Vasa Era

Torupsvägen 515-13
Svedala, Sweden

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