Torup Castle

Torupsvägen 515-13, Svedala, Sweden (show on map)

Torup Castle, completed around 1540, is one of the best preserved medieval castles in Sweden. It was built by Görvel Fadersdotter (Sparre). Torup Castle was restored between 1602-1630 to the the appearance it has today. Later Torup was owned by Stjernblad and Coyet families and since 1970 the Malmö municipality.

On May 21, 1775 a tragic accident occured at Torup Castle. Cornet Fredrich Trolle along with his aunt Frederica Harms and her sisters Brita Sophia Trolle and Elisabeth Augusta Trolle went on a rowing trip in Castle lake. The boat capsized and despite the rapid rescue attempts all four drowned. The incident was widely reported around the country.


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