Basilica of Santa Lucia

Syracuse, Italy

Basilica of Santa Lucia Extra moenia is a Byzantine church built (after Norman rebuilt), according to tradition, in the same place of the martyrdom of the saint in 303 AD. The current appearance is from the 15th–16th centuries. The most ancient parts still preserved include the portal, the three half-circular apses and the first two orders of the belfry. Under the church are the Catacombs of St. Lucy. For this church Caravaggio painted the Burial of St. Lucy, now housed in the Church of Santa Lucìa alla Badìa.


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Founded: c. 1100
Category: Religious sites in Italy


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User Reviews

Ihor Zeiger (11 months ago)
The building itself is interesting, but the true gem is the only Caravaggio painting in Sicily. It’s in dark, but to the left of the altar you have a machine which can illuminate the painting - 4 minutes for 1 euro. It worths every penny. Don’t miss near by tomb of Santa Lucia
Alexey Guryanov (13 months ago)
The church of St Lucia Tomb is not in Siracusa's historical centre hence beyond tourist trodden pathways in a pre/post WW2 built area You can enjoy a real Caravaggio's masterpiece for four minutes lighting by putting a €1 in a slot machine on the left hand side of the painting Otherwise, a beautiful Barocco city to enjoy.
Francisca Acuna (15 months ago)
Must see if you are either devoted or an art lover, or both. The Caravaggio painting is truly a must see in this area of Sicily. OPENING HOURS: in the morning from 9am(?) but in afternoon from 3:30pm until 7:00pm ( the website says from 2:30 but that is not accurate) The church itself is simple, much less impressive than the other Santa Lucía church in Ortigia (30 mins walk the other way). The exterior piazza could do with some cleaning and upkeep. It’s a shame that such beautiful little park is full of rubbish everywhere.
Jan Verhavert (17 months ago)
Great church with stunning history. A magnificent work of Caravaggio is to be seen in the church. We visited the church, and also the catacombs with early christian graves, and the sepolcro, the grave of Santa Lucia.
Krzysztof Pikiewicz (2 years ago)
5 stars only due to Carravagio painting. For that reason must see. Church often mistaken with another Santa Lucia church located next to Cathedral
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