St Monans Church

St Monans, United Kingdom

St Monans Church dates from 1369 and is situated in an isolated position to the west of the village on the very edge of the sea. It is perched on a low rock, over a small valley with a burn. The original graveyard surrounds the church and a more modern cemetery stands further westwards on the upper slopes of the little hill. This contains the local war memorial.

It is often said that St Monans is the church nearest the sea in the whole of Scotland, and this may well be the case, being only around 20 m from the edge. The church, one of the finest remaining from the Middle Ages in Scotland, was built by King David II Bruce (1329–71), initially for a small house of Dominican friars. It later became the Church of Scotland parish church. Though the church may never have been finished (it has a choir and transepts, with a short spire over the crossing, but lacks a nave), it has many features of architectural interest, notably the fine stone vaulting in the choir and the plain but handsome sedilia. White-washed throughout internally, the church is particularly light and attractive among ancient Scottish churches.

The church was greatly restored in 1899 by the Glasgow architect, Peter MacGregor Chalmers. The church hall was added in 1913 to a design by Sir Robert Lorimer. Major restoration to the windows and masonry was completed in March 2007. The church is open to visitors daily from April to October.



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Founded: 1369
Category: Religious sites in United Kingdom

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Martin Holt (9 months ago)
It's a great place to come for a time and contemplate. Famous now again due to its various appearances in TV and film. This great church is a must to visit if in the location. The bay just below is spectacular. There is also a coastal walk from or to this grand monument. Great parking, it is a solemn place, remember it is still a working church and the graveyard is visited by relatives, not a place to bring the kids for a runabout. But it is worth a visit to take in the glorious architecture of this wonderful building.
Norma Shippin (12 months ago)
Was at a wedding there today - what’s wonderful setting
Annonymous Bald (2 years ago)
Really beautiful place. Quiet and relaxing with the sounds of the waves in the background.
D Ev (2 years ago)
It was closed when we were there, but it is nice to have a look at the old gravestones near the church
C Simp (2 years ago)
Beautiful church with great architecture. Stunning scenery.
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