Giants' Grave of Su Mont'e s'Abe

Olbia, Italy

The Giants' grave of Su Mont'e s'Abe is an archaeological site located in the municipality of Olbia. Like other giants' tombs of Gallura, it was built in two main phases of construction. In the first stage, during the period of the Bonnanaro culture, it was built an allée couverte tomb; later, in the second phase, during the age Nuragic age (1600 BC approximately), the allée couverte was transformed into a giants' tomb with the realization of the exedra and the erection of the central stele of which few traces remain today.

The tomb, which measures about 28 meters in length and six in width, was excavated and restored in the 1960s.



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Via Caterina Longa, Olbia, Italy
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Founded: 1600 BCE
Category: Prehistoric and archaeological sites in Italy

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kingplim (9 months ago)
The giants tomb is pretty cool and clearly ancient. We had more fun climbing up to the nearby castle to take in the stunning views
Jakob Gamperling (10 months ago)
A very calm place to stop and breath for a moment. A very calming atmosphere with beautiful trees surrounding the grave.
Marcus Hurley (13 months ago)
We climbed back down the trail from Pedres Castle and then followed the path past the car park to Su Mont'e s'Abe, a megalithic barrow tomb in an extremely good state of repair. This was in a grove of trees which gave welcome shade and consists of a large corridor with huge stone walls and roof and then more stones arcing out from either side at the front, like a Zulu impi or bulls horns. The site was built around 2000BC and was in use until the start of the Nuraghe period.
Roberta Bonometti (2 years ago)
The site was well signposted but deserted when I arrived. I was able to explore it freely. Lovely surrounding too
Pri Bri (3 years ago)
It should be called "giant grave" and not giant's grave tbh, but... It's a super quick stop, I found it interesting but it's not special a s it requires some off road to get there.
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