Wallace's Monument

Kilmarnock, United Kingdom

The Wallace Monument is a picturesque Gothic structure and is in a prominent situation, built to commemorate William Wallace at the time of an upsurge in the Scottish desire for self-determination, predating the 1869 Wallace Monument at Stirling.

Robert Snodgrass built a square plan Gothic tower in 1855–1857 from polished sandstone ashlar blocks, 3-stage, 3.7 m wide at the base, 18 m high, with a pinnacled parapet. Base course; string courses; corbelled, shouldered band course between 2nd and 3rd stages; machicolated, crenellated parapet with thistle-finialled, conical-capped circular angle pinnacles and ball-finialled, ogee-capped square-plan wallhead pinnacles. Diagonally-boarded timber door in Tudor-arched, roll-moulded doorway with hoodmould to the south-east elevation; similar inscription recesses at other elevations. Round-arched recesses at 2nd stage; paired round-arched recesses at 3rd stage.

The Wallace family coat of arms and their motto 'Pro Libertate Patriae' are located above the entrance, carved by John Logan, a local sculptor.

A spiral staircase leads up to the viewing platform and the arms of the Wallace family are blazoned in bas-relief above the entrance door.



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Kilmarnock, United Kingdom
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Founded: 1855-1857
Category: Statues in United Kingdom

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User Reviews

Gyula Kocsis (2 years ago)
One of my favorite places...stunning viewpoint,and a tower is great. Place is middle of nowhere, no noise ,no people ,just a nature ....I love it !
Ricardo Schiffelers (2 years ago)
A nice "little" monument. Were able to drive up and have a look because there was no other traffic. Small roads so will probably be impossible of its busier. Wouldnt go out of my way to visit but if you're in the area its fun to read the texts.
Bobby Brannan (3 years ago)
Out the way and not really worth the visit. Single track road between some farm houses which could make it difficult to pass if there are any cars on the road. No parking round about and is fenced off grass area making it difficult to access. Wouldn’t waste your time. Better off visiting the one in Stirling.
Ajay Kachhwaha (3 years ago)
A hidden gem. Worth going around sunset as you get some amazing views.
Steven Watt (4 years ago)
Beautiful monument completed around 1857 hidden away at the back of a farm. Its a good walk up to it, can be driven but very narrow road all the way up. Great 360 views of countryside when up at the monument. There are some lovely words displayed paying tribute to William Wallace. Public can't access inside the monument. If your nearby definitely worth a visit.
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