Bärnfels Castle

Obertrubach, Germany

The ruins of Bärnfels Castle are the remains of a late mediaeval aristocratic castle on the southern edge of the village of Bärnfels in the municipality of Obertrubach. The ruins of the spur castle are freely accessible.

The first record of the castle is dated 2 August 1389, when its occupants, Conrad Hans and Ulrich of Egloffstein zu Bärenfels had to concede their outer bailey, the so-called Lower Fortress (niedere Veste), as a fief following a feud with the Landgraves of Leuchtenberg. The castle had, however, been built much earlier, probably in 1330 by Siboto I of Egloffstein, progenitor of the Bärenfels line of this family.

In 1483 the fief went to the Gaillenreuth line of the Egloffsteins, who did not hold it for long however, because in 1495 the last enfeoffment was granted by the Leuchtenberg landgrave.

After the castle had been razed in the Peasants' War in 1525 by Egloffstein's subjects, it was never completely repaired again. In 1580 the Barony of Bärnfels together with its castle ruins was sold to the Bishopric of Bamberg and was seized by the Bavarian state in 1802 as part of the secularisation in Bavaria.

Because large parts of the castle were in danger of collapse, it was demolished in the 19th and 20th centuries. In 1877 Nuremberg chemist, Kleemann, bought the site and had the few surviving remains restored. After a further renovation was carried out in 1969 by the municipality of Bärnfels it was able to be made accessible to visitors again.

Today the castle ruins of Bärnfels are once more owned by the Egloffstein family, whose ancestor probably once built the castle.



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Founded: c. 1330
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Habsburg Dynasty (Germany)

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Vamsi-Krishna Dasari (12 months ago)
One time can visit ? Nice view from top of the castle remains. In summer especislly on evenings it will show the beautiness of the village.
Patty Campbell (3 years ago)
Absolutely stunning in the snow. No parking in the town, but you can park nearby at the parking lot near the main road and it’s about a 5 minute walk to the castle ruins from there.
My Name (3 years ago)
Nice area to hike. A lot of butterflies. Peaceful.
Enrico Selbmann (3 years ago)
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