Zebrák Castle

Točník, Czech Republic

Žebrák Castle is a castle ruin in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. It is located in the municipality of Točník in the Beroun District, near the eponymous town of Žebrák. It was built by the Zajíc family. The two castles, Točník and Žebrák, make up a picturesque couple, standing almost right next to each other. Together they are protected as one national cultural monument.

The castle was built in the second half of the 13th century by Oldřich Zajíc III, but the Zajíc family soon moved elsewhere and sold the castle to the king. In 1336, the House of Luxembourg acquired Žebrák and in 1346, John Henry started renovating it. He later gave the castle to Charles IV, who became the Holy Roman Emperor shortly afterwards. Charles' son Wenceslaus IV liked the castle very much, but after the large fire in 1395, he built a more strategically positioned castle above it. During the Hussite Wars, the Hussite army unsuccessfully besieged Žebrák and Točník and then proceeded to burn down the towns Točník and Hořovice. In 1532, another fire struck the castle, but this time, nobody bothered renovating it. In the year 1923, the castle was sold to the Czech Association of Tourists and now it belongs to the state.



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Točník, Czech Republic
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Founded: 13th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Czech Republic

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User Reviews

Bilge Doğan (2 years ago)
Challenging ruins. But not everyday you can “bee” to sheeps and climb to a castle ruin.
Travel Pa More! (3 years ago)
I give 5 stars for the view but I am sad when I went here because I guess its not accessible to public. I tried to climb up and some locals prohibited me. I don't exactly understand what they are trying to say to me coz I don't understand czech but i know base on their actions that they want to tell me not to go there. Anyways .better me safe .thank you! ?
Mikhail Preobrazenskij (3 years ago)
Really nice view, besides that nothing much to see.
Jaromir Svoboda (5 years ago)
So nice castle. Without guide, you can see what you want. Entrance fee 90 CZK. You can see here two bears!
MB K (6 years ago)
It's an interesting place to see. It is not good for physically challenged individuals and those with pushchairs. But over all, it's a very nice place with an amazing view of nearby places. You will definitely be glad you visited this place.
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