Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune Catholic Church

Strasbourg, France

Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune Catholic Church is a late 19th-century Catholic church dedicated to Saint Peter in Strasbourg, France. It is not to be confused with the medieval Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune Protestant Church in the same city.

Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune Catholic Church was built in the Neustadt district and stands next to the main courthouse Palais de Justice. Both buildings were designed by the architect Skjold Neckelmann; the church in collaboration with his professional partner August Hartel, and the courthouse, after Hartel's death, alone.

Before this Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune church was built, the Catholics and the Lutherans of Strasbourg had shared the medieval Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune church. Only in 1898 did the Catholics relinquish their claim to the older place.

Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune Catholic Church is built in rose sandstone. It is crowned with a heavy and imposing dome: interior diameter 18.5 m, interior height 50 m. The spacious interior of the church is decorated with altars, mosaics, and a very large circular chandelier. The current pipe organ was installed in 2003.



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Founded: 1888-1893
Category: Religious sites in France

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Trey Trapani (2 years ago)
Wonderful mass here. The service was extremely personal. I'm not Catholic but there was no Orthodox Church nearby. Very similar service.
Nguyễn Mai Trang (2 years ago)
ÉDIFICE REMARQUABLE DE STRASBOURG To distinguish two churches of the same name (and not really far from each other). The one that I mention here is the Catholic Church. Not the Protestant one. I give a 3* note because of the mineralisation of the Place. Actually the local executives have to install the "islet of freshness" for summer. * The 3rd photo taken in December. ** As happy as a "Strasbourgeoise" who can take pictures of the same buildings or the same churches in different seasons. June 2022 ?
Javier Rosario (2 years ago)
Awesome details.
Mukharbek Organokov (4 years ago)
Really nice place, very clean and safe. There are spaces for kids, you can bring them too. Behind the church you can find some statues to play with. Also, there are places to seat if you get tired. Just in few minutes of walk you can find some shops.
Sophie Chorich (7 years ago)
The gorgeous colors of the exterior drew me inside. There is a nice ambulatory to explore behind the altar, but my favorite part of this building was the shining golden mosaics.
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