Kammerzell House

Strasbourg, France

The Kammerzell House is one of the most famous buildings of Strasbourg and one of the most ornate and well preserved medieval civil housing buildings in late Gothic architecture in the areas formerly belonging to the Holy Roman Empire.

Built in 1427 but twice transformed in 1467 and 1589, the building as it is now historically belongs to the German Renaissance but is stylistically still attached to the Rhineland black and white timber-framed style of civil (as opposed to administrative, clerical or noble) architecture.

It is situated on the Place de la Cathédrale, north-west of the Strasbourg Cathedral, with whose rosy colour it contrasts in a picturesque way when seen from the opposite direction.

The building's inside has been decorated on all floors by lavish frescoes by Alsatian painter Léo Schnug (1878-1933). It now houses a restaurant.



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    Founded: 1427


    4/5 (based on Google user reviews)

    User Reviews

    Andra Vasiliu (11 months ago)
    Great restaurant and the house itself is something to see. Every room has its own theme, the walls are painted with scenes from the building of the cathedral or the making of beer and wine etc. The food is great. The choucroute a 3 poissons is amazing. And the service is great.
    Nina 10.4 DEL (2 years ago)
    We read the same negative reviews yet still went inside because as it was the only restaurant with free seating, but let me talk you: AVOID AT ALL COST!! The service is an absolute catastrophy. The waiter dropped food on two occasions and did not apologize for any of it. After waiting 1 and a half hours for our food it was cold and stale. The quality of 4/5 of our dishes was unbelievable. A “small side salad” on the menu came as 2 salad leaves next to the food. When reclaiming the cold food and the none existing salad with one tiny piece of salmon for 18 euros, the waiter just said yes and took away one dish. It came back just being microwaves and not once during the whole night did we get a friendly apology or smile. The waiters avoided us at all costs and refused to talk to us. The table next to us experienced this same unbelievable unfriendliness and bad quality.
    Marianne Simon (2 years ago)
    Very good food though maybe not worth the price. The service was mediocre. We had to wait a lot, the person in charge of the service was a bit rude and harsh with the employees
    Robert Baracz (2 years ago)
    Eat anywhere but at Kammerzell. From the moment we walked in and the hostess rolled her eyes at us... To the less than mediocre service..... To the very bland food (and I'm a generous reviewer), the food was just not good. We were so excited to eat here based on a friend's recommendation. We left disappointed and found better food in the Christmas market.
    Scott Richardson (2 years ago)
    Excellent authentic food. Had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner here, pigeon was good. Vanilla ice cream was delicious! Not cheap but not crazy expensive either.
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