Losenstein Castle

Losenstein, Austria

Losenstein Castle rises above the village of Losenstein on a 60-metre rock, composed of dolomite. It is one of the largest and oldest ruins of Upper Austria. Built in the 12th century by the Styrian Ottokars, the castle consists of the main building and one major ancillary tower. Beginning in 1252 the Lords of Losenstein owned the castle.

The castle offers views of the village of Losenstein, the river Enns, and the foothills in the direction of Styria. The castle ruins are freely accessible.

The original structure of the castle is still visible. Exterior walls, gothic windows and large arches are still visible. The individual areas such as church, living area, patio and economic activity are precisely delineated.


The Styrian Ottakars built this castle around 1150 to protect themselves from invading troops in the Steiermark. In 1170 the castle was first documented. In 1252 it passed to Dietmar of Steyr, who received it from King Ottokar II of Bohemia in exchange for the city of Steyr. From that point on, the family of Dietmar and his descendants were known as the Lords of Losenstein and owned the castle continuously until their extinction in 1692. The graves of the family of Losenstein are located in Garsten Abbey (Losenstein Chapel). After that the line passed by inheritance to the family of von Auersperg, who eventually sold the castle in 1905 to the province of Upper Austria.



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Founded: 12th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Austria

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User Reviews

Johnny Belme (4 months ago)
Beautiful place.
3DfxLisa (9 months ago)
Beautiful view! Very tidy and a nice place to sit and relax ❤️
Marketa Schestauberova (12 months ago)
Very nice ruin and good preserved, very easy to reach from nearby parking. Local volunteers have made information boards (in German), so you can also get to know some interesting facts from the history. In the shadow of two big pines and linden tree you can have a rest in hot summer. There is also a fireplace with wood and grill with grid,clean and nice smelling toilets. View from the ruin is the valley of the river Enns and mountains. You can leave there some money in a piggy bank for keeping the place clean. We were complete alone there.
Yulia Golitsyna (3 years ago)
Nice bike trip from Steyr, great scenery
Ibrahim Kkk (4 years ago)
Just wonderful nature
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