Steyr, Austria

The Bummerlhaus is a gothic building in Steyr, Austria. It is the best preserved late Gothic mansion in Steyr, and is one of the finest medieval secular buildings in Austria. The oldest part of the building dates from the thirteenth century, and it is first mentioned in documents dating from 1450.

The house is a typical Steyr design, consisting of a richly decorated façade facing the square, behind which lies the house and three courtyards with arcades. It has a steep hipped roof. The façade facing the square on the first floor has a cantilevered, stone carved, wide bay window, which spans the entire elevation, adorned with blind arcades and a rich frieze with quatrefoil tracery, among which the five windows are placed asymmetrically. Above the narrow roof of the wide bay window rises a brick gable wall with blind arches of brick.

The name originates from when the building, in the 19th century, housed the Zum Goldenen Löwen inn ('The Golden Lion'). The lion on the signboard for the inn, according to the locals, looked like a dog, Bummerl meaning 'plump little plump dog', and haus, meaning house.



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Stadtplatz 32, Steyr, Austria
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Founded: 13th century
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NewHome Production (2 months ago)
One of the most beautiful and oldest preserved buildings in Steyr is the so-called “Bummerlhaus”. The facade bears witness to the immense wealth that the iron dealers in Steyr once earned, among other things. with the Venice trade. The Bummerlhaus takes its name from the golden lion, which the citizens of Steyr probably thought was too cute, which is why they called him Bummerl, a name otherwise used for small (rounded) dogs. Unfortunately, the inside of the building cannot be visited, which is why we had to deduct a star. Which is a shame, because inside there are the remains of a tower from the 14th century, a Gothic spiral staircase, beautiful vaulted rooms and much more. The Bummerlhaus is the best-preserved late Gothic secular building in Austria and the landmark of the picturesque iron town of Steyr.
Stefan Kaar (10 months ago)
The late Gothic town house is considered a landmark of the city. In the 19th century, the Zum Goldenen Löwen inn was housed here. The visitors to the restaurant found the lion too cute as a figurehead, so they called him Bummerl. This term is used for a small and fat dog.
Marc Crespo (11 months ago)
Quite cozy Gothic style house, I find it very fascinating how old it is and how well preserved it is, although the square in general is beautiful and the house does not impose itself much more than the others. It should be noted that the tree you see in the middle of the square in the photographs should only be found at Christmas, at least in summer it is not there.
Gregor Zupan (5 years ago)
Take time and listen to the nightwatchman's story
Pierros Zevolis (6 years ago)
Nice gothic building at a smalll beautiful city.
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