Svedala Church

Svedala, Sweden

Svedala Church was built in 1851-1852 and it replaced the previous medieval church. The church was designed by C. G. Brunius. The tower and sacristy were added during the restoration in 1900-1902.



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Founded: 1851-1852
Category: Religious sites in Sweden
Historical period: Union with Norway and Modernization (Sweden)


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User Reviews

Johnny Nilsson (2 years ago)
Very nice church (as my daughter got married last Sunday). The priest (Lars) was easy and very pleasant to deal with
Johan Fristedt (2 years ago)
Nice church with fantastic acoustics
Xxxx (3 years ago)
I have no respect for this church anymore. Are there churches and priests in Skåne only those vpasses who think of it? It is illegal to ask a person for a Vpass and driving license. NO ONE has the right to do this, it is the law GDPR. This is ILLEGAL! You may not ask if you Id and passport, it is not his job. NO PERSON HAS ANY OBLIGATION TO ASK ABOUT VACCINES, SYRINGES YOU HAVE TAKEN, etc. You have the right to visit your church without being asked if you are waxed. I am not allowed to be vaccinated due to severe allergic reactions by mejdicän bla. This is NOTHING if a law that says the church must have a covid passport TO MEET GOD AND JESUS ​​is convinced that they are watching over you many churches think it is a law. It is a R-E-K-M-O-E -N-D-T-I-O-N.❗❗❗❗ It is illegal in Sweden that the question o Vpass it will be expensive fines. For the priests of the church and it goes to the DO to be required GDPR information and then NEVER get a GUARD GUARD May never ask this then they must have authority for this it is still PROGRESSIVE. They are not allowed to look at the passports, they are not allowed to ask if you are waxed and many players around the country have to pay damages. All the "so-called churches will be fined in damages each person will be denied entry into their church. Or you are for A and B people? The church in Svedala has many of you who should be given a course in thinking clearly, investigating, finding alternative internet googlers and NOT trained priests should NEVER talk about medical treatments. And I have nothing left for Svedala parish. Most nasty female Pastor. Thank you, we all know who had AND trust him. Otherwise, I will never visit these people who divide us into group A those who obey the state and I who are not allowed to be vaccinated group B Revelation 13 is an important read.
Ronnie Svensson (3 years ago)
Without being religious. Very nice and well-preserved church.
Mohamad Ahmad (6 years ago)
مكان تاريخي جميل جدا من الخارج انصح الجميع بالزيارة
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