Tuve Church

Göteborg, Sweden

Tuve Church is a Romanesque stone church, consisting of a rectangular nave and a narrow choir. This simple shape was typical of churches in Västergötland. The oldest parts of the building were probably erected in the 12th century. The two buttresses were added in the 18th century, and the porch in 1745. The sacristy, built in 1953, is the most recent addition. The bell tower was erected south-west of the church in the 19th century; the bell dates back to 1770.

The church is surrounded by a small churchyard, the first mentions of which come from 1871. However, some of the tombstones are older than that, the oldest one from year 1660.



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Founded: 12th century
Category: Religious sites in Sweden
Historical period: Consolidation (Sweden)

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A Alexandersson (3 years ago)
Nice old cemetery.
Milvi Luhaäär Olander (3 years ago)
Historic 13th century church, well worth a visit! Beautiful altarpiece and embedded walls! Sounding organ! Attentive and helpful caretaker / housekeeper!
Cecilia holst jonasson (4 years ago)
Very nice with benches and tables so you can have a nice moment when you have many thoughts / thoughts about a person who unfortunately is not with us in life anymore❤❤❤
Stellan Johansson (4 years ago)
Old cozy church, lying long, need to renovate memory grove.
S. A. (4 years ago)
Nivea churchyard, we rested there in our Bike Tour trough sweden...
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