Gothenburg, Sweden

The old Kronhuset (the Crown House) behind the Gustav Adolf Square is one of the oldest buildings in Gothenburg. It was built in 1642-1654 as a storehouse for military uniforms and other military equipment. Now it is a living craft center in historic buildings.

Around Kronhuset is Kronhusbodarna (the Crown House Sheds).The west wing served as carriage storage and warehouse, and was built around 1750 after the previous wooden buildings around Kronhuset burned down. The east wing was built in 1759 for artillery weapon smiths, turners and saddlers. Sweden was at this time mobilizing for war with Denmark and the demande for a warehouse in Gothenburg was therefore high.

Kronhuset was built in Dutch style, and apart from the brick walls and ceiling, it's made entirely of wood. It is six stories high and the ground floor has no supporting pillars, which means that you could more easily move around guns and vehicles.

When the parliament convened in Gothenburg Kronhuset also functioned as parliament house. Nowadays the neighborhood is a vibrant craft centre. In the small sheds the are shops for glassworks, chocolate, candy, furniture, clocks, pottery and leather. There is also a popular cafe and bakery.



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Founded: 1642-1654
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in Sweden
Historical period: Swedish Empire (Sweden)

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User Reviews

Chris (2 years ago)
Honestly a very boring Christmas market, I would say do not waste your time is this is what your were planning on visiting for. Otherwise some nice old buildings but it's not much worth any detour for unless you happen to be around.
Henrik Ahlberg (2 years ago)
This was supposed to be a Christmas market. Nothing of Christmas at all. Just a very bad market with second rated exhibitors. Do not visit. Just adding, for four years ago this was an excellent place to visit.
Dianna Hagerty (2 years ago)
Lovely collection of artisan shops, bought lovely things in each shop - chocolates, wooden knives and some beautiful earrings in the gallery of artists..and a coffee at the café. Very pleasant visit.
Liisa Uusimaki (2 years ago)
Nice historical part of Göteborg, nice shops with traditional arts & craft, old fashioned delicious lollies & chocolate as well as great cafe with excellent selection of Swedish style foods, cakes & coffee ???????
J C (2 years ago)
Not much to inside but it only open for concerts. However, i went to the cafe in the little cobbled square beside the building which is excellent for a fika or lunch. There are also some handicraft shops on the square. Worth a visit any time of the year.
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