Kolossi Castle was a former Crusader castle possibly built in 1210 by the Frankish military, when the land of Kolossi was given by King Hugh I to the Knights of the Order of St John of Jerusalem (Hospitallers). Owing to rivalry among the factions in the Crusader Kingdom of Cyprus, the castle was taken by the Knights Templar in 1306, but returned to the Hospitallers in 1313 following the abolition of the Templars. The present castle was built in 1454 by the Hospitallers under the Commander of Kolossi, Louis de Magnac, whose arms can be seen carved into the castle's walls. It held great strategic importance in the Middle Ages, and contained large facilities for the production of sugar from the local sugarcane, one of Cyprus's main exports in the period.

The castle today consists of a single three-storey keep with an attached rectangular enclosure or bailey about 30 by 40 metres. It is a fine example of medieval military architecture and directly connected with a number of important events, which constitute various interesting folds of the agelong and stormy history of Cyprus.



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Founded: 1454
Category: Castles and fortifications in Cyprus


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User Reviews

Maria H. (17 months ago)
Beautiful, clean, easy to locate using google maps. Amazing view from the top. Lack of more detailed information regarding the history of the castle. A small cafe to enjoy some snack and drinks
Михаил Королев (MishaBoss) (17 months ago)
Really nice castle located in Kolossi, it's cold inside, make sure you bring a jacket ?
Lin (18 months ago)
Really interesting place! It was really inspiring and amazingly beautiful. The prices were cheap too!!!! Only 2.50 euros per person and free for children. Everything was perfect! 5 stars! LOVE FROM BULGARIA ??!!!!
Alexandra Cottrell (19 months ago)
Cool little castle to visit if you have some extra time on your visit to limassol. If you climb to the top of the castle you will see some nice views of some wineries and the town close by. They also have lovely rose gardens to see.
Constantinos Loizou (2 years ago)
Nice castle for a visit
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