Luxembourg American Cemetery

Luxemburg, Luxembourg

The Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial contains the remains of 5,076 American soldiers who died during the World War II. On 22 occasions two brothers rest side-by-side in adjacent graves. Most of the interred died during the Battle of the Bulge which was fought nearby in winter 1944-1945. Situated between the two flagpoles lies the grave of General George S. Patton Jr. The cemetery is administered by the American Battle Monuments Commission. Under a US-Luxembourg treaty signed in 1951 the US government was granted free use in perpetuity of the land covered by the cemetery, without taxation.

Not far from the cemetery entrance stands the white stone chapel, set on a wide circular platform surrounded by woods. It is embellished with sculpture in bronze and stone, a stained-glass window with the insignia of the five major U.S. commands that operated in the region, and a mosaic ceiling.

German fallen from the same battle are buried in the Sandweiler German war cemetery, about 1.5 kilometres away. The design of the tombstones are dark stone crosses compared to white tombstones of the American cemetery.



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Chris C (2 years ago)
This place is such a humbling place to visit and the care that our allies from Luxembourg provide to this hallowed ground is simply amazing. This place is elegant, well maintained and truly honors those that gave their lives during WWII. It is a must see location if near the area. Famous American General George Patton is buried here as well.
C Hed (2 years ago)
Beautiful tribute to those that paid the ultimate sacrifice. I was humbled to see all of the graves and to see General George Patton’s final resting place was an honor. Amazing place.
Heidi Morales-Hake (2 years ago)
A beautiful tribute to the 5,000 American soldiers honored here. General George S. Patton is laid to rest here and the memorial is truly amazing. I was very impressed with how well maintained the property is and it really is a humbling experience.
Kitt Rawlings (2 years ago)
Not enough Stars for this! How humbling and thought provoking to walk this memorial ground! Price paid by these young men is emotionally stirring. Can’t begin to express appreciation! In these photos of my visit I found representation from each state that was at that time. A heartwarming reminder that our great Country will represent and stand! Hope we remember ultimately the Liberties and freedoms we all enjoy were once again sustained and will always be. United we stand!
Ivan Foretic (2 years ago)
Very well maintained cemetery, in memory of the fallen American soldiers . Cemetery is accessible via pedestrian path and there is a shuttle bus service running every hour from Luxexpo , recommended for a visit .
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