Suurupi Lighthouses

Harjumaa, Estonia

The older lighthouse of Suurupi was built in 1760. The round old-style stone tower was built near the end of the reign of Czarina Elizaveta Petrovna, this is a magnificent example of classic Russian Imperial lighthouse design. The lighthouse was substantially rebuilt in 1812 and further renovated in 1858. The round watch room was added in 1951, and the present lantern was new in 1998.

The newer wooden lighthouse date back to the year 1859. It is 15 m high, square pyramidal, 4-story wood keeper's house with A-frame roof and painted in white. The light was formerly shown through a window on the top floor at one end of the building; it has been moved outside to the windowsill. A miraculous survivor of two world wars and over 150 winters, this remarkable lighthouse is a well-known historic landmark on Estonia's coastline. The top floor with its lantern chamber was added in 1885, increasing the tower height by 3.5 m.

Reference: Lighthouses of Northern Estonia


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Founded: 1760 & 1859
Historical period: Part of the Russian Empire (Estonia)


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User Reviews

Gerda (15 months ago)
This lighthouse is the third oldest in Estonia. Inside of the lighthouse there was lots of interesting thematic information in Estonian.
Aleksander Reitsakas (16 months ago)
Nice cosy lighthouse with pleasant views
Igor Kurshakov (20 months ago)
Approach to Tallinn (Revel) from West since 1760 Russian Empire / House of year 2019 / Estonia:)
Margaret Koshko (2 years ago)
Nice views from it, pretty interesting museum of floors (if you like learning different stuff like Spencer Reid), and that's basically all. You pay around 8 EUR for an adult to come up and see, but it is not worth those money. They have student's discount (pay around 6 EUR for a student ticket), which again: not worth.
Kaupo Lepasepp (2 years ago)
Beautiful sight. A must for anyone interested in maritime and navigation history, history in general or nice scenic views. But also a great place for people who love gardens and flowers. Very special place.
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