Kuressaare Town Hall

Kuressaare, Estonia

Kuressaare town hall was built in 1654-1670. The initiator of town hall building was count M. G. De la Gardie. Town hall is simple and dour but appears to be grand representative of so called northern baroque the decoration of which is hewed portal that dates 1670.

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Founded: 1654-1670
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in Estonia
Historical period: Part of the Swedish Empire (Estonia)


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minivan 4x4 (12 months ago)
Extremally tasty. One portion could be for 2-3 persons if you not extremally hungry and want to enjoy. Strange you need to come to order at the bar as no one comes to the table outside. But its so small thing
Agnes Aus (13 months ago)
Everywhere we went that day it took forever to be acknowledged but the service after that made up for it. Nice atmosphere and decent prices for an evening drink and dessert.
Tomas Karpavicius (13 months ago)
A somewhat mixed feeling experience. This place has amazing view of the castle in the terrace, and a nice short menu of seafood. But when you get the food, it seems you were fooled to buy expensive looking dishes composed of store-bought ingredients. My guess is that it is best to always order catch of the day (an expensive treat), because other dishes are a cheat. We had two fish snacks and fish soup, and the soup was best of all, but with very strange mayonnaise side.
Leo Kokkonen (14 months ago)
Wow... The rudeness we faced by an employee was out of this world. First time in my life that I've left the restaurant because the attitude of someone working there. I feel insulted. We've eaten here everytime we have visited Saaremaa, and food has been good so credit where credit is due I suppose.. Maybe a tad on the expensive side tho. But now, seriously can not and WILL NOT recommend this place anymore. Sad to say this, but a single bad interaction with an employee (not to be named or shamed) has for ever driven me, my friends and my family away. Customer service and experience is the single most important part of a restaurant business, and no matter how bad your day is going or what's going in your life, if you work in a service industry you can NOT under any circumstances vent it to the customers. Edit: added a photo of the current prices
Dagmar Urb (15 months ago)
Loved their daily choice of fresh local fish. We enjoyed the food, good service and spectacular views over the castle.
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