Tori Manor

Tori, Estonia

In the Middle Ages, the manor belonged to the Livonian Order and later to the state. The small archaic wooden main building with an Old Baltic design was constructed in 1738 and today houses a museum. Its stylish magnificent stables from the second half of the 19th century with a beautiful gate construction have been preserved. Tori manor is known of horse farm founded in 1854 by the Livonian Knighthood.

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Pärnu mnt 14, Tori, Estonia
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Founded: 1738
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in Estonia
Historical period: Part of the Russian Empire (Estonia)

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Andrea Holzapfel (12 months ago)
Great little family run restaurant which is currently closed but still open for hungry patrons. Very great hospitality!!!!! The grilled meat, sausages, freshly made salad and house wine were exquisite. Thanks very much.
Leonid Romanov (16 months ago)
Tori Mois In the Middle Ages, Tori (German: Torgel) was the main manor of the main administrative office of Pärnu. First mentioned in 1528. The Tory estate belonged to the state for many centuries. After the destruction of the Northern War in 1738, a small archaic wooden main building of the estate was erected. The main building is one of the oldest surviving wooden manor buildings in Estonia. It has been preserved almost in its original form, with the exception of a wing added to the rear in the 19th century and the distribution of window frames changed in the same century. In 1820, the Tori state estate was leased to the Knights of Livonia, who opened a stud farm here in 1854. In the 1850s, a powerful stable complex was built at Tory, whose historic, beautiful gate building dates from 1856. Tory became famous thanks to horse breeding and breeding of Tory horses. Horse breeding, developed in the State Estate, still exists today.
Kristel Valtin (2 years ago)
It is a private property.
Kätlin I (3 years ago)
A beautiful and tasteful place
Kristelle Kristall (3 years ago)
This is my friend's home. Very beautiful house.
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