Tuštanj Castle was built in 1490 and fully renovated in the second half of the 17th century. It was originally owned by the Lichtenberg family. In 1800 it was purchased by Ignac Scarija. The last owner from the Scarija family was Maksimiljana Scarija, who married the castle's groundsman, Luka Pirnat, in 1854. They had no children, so after Scarija's death the castle and the estate were inherited by her husband, who remarried in 1874. The castle has remained in the possession of the Pirnat family until the present day. It is the only castle in Slovenia to have never been nationalized.

Tuštanj Castle has an inner courtyard with a fountain, surrounded by an arched portico. Next to the castle, a chapel of St. John of Nepomuk was built in the 17th century and painted in fresco by Franc Jelovšek. Next to the castle entrance grow a 400-year-old linden and a 300-year-old plane tree.

The part of the castle converted into a museum houses original furniture, porcelain, fief ownership records, ceramic stoves and other original furnishings. Various cultural events are held in the inner courtyard in the summer. The castle has a wedding hall, where couples can choose to be married in medieval costumes.



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Moravce, Slovenia
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Founded: 1490
Category: Castles and fortifications in Slovenia

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Nenad Stojnić (2 years ago)
Johnnie Walker (2 years ago)
marjetica skrlec (2 years ago)
Zelo zanimiva zgodovina gradu, zlasti ljubezenska zgodba med graščakinjo in 18 let mlajšim vrtnarjem, katerega potomci še danes za grad skrbijo, v njem pripravljajo poroke in druge prireditve in v njem živijo. Edini še ohranjeni grad na moravškem bo živel naprej z rodbino Pirnat. Hvala za lepo vodstvo g. Petru Pirnatu.
Herman van Midden (3 years ago)
A beautiful private owned Castle, a small treasure! It is amazingly well taken care about, with love, and kept in its original state including furniture, porcelain and much more. The owners are a nice couple who open the castle on Saturday's and Sundays for public
Stanko Gabor (4 years ago)
Krasnen gradič! Odlicna lokacija za poroko!
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