Fort Mont Louis

Mont-Louis, France

Located in the eastern Pyrenees at an altitude of 1600 metres, the stronghold of Mont-Louis was built from scratch by Vauban on granite terrain and is perfectly adapted to the geography of the site. Work started in 1679 and was completed in two years. The fortified ensemble was added as a complement to Villefranche-de-Conflent in securing the route from the Pyrenees.

This ensemble consists of two square structures, in tiers on the slope: a citadel with orillon bastions and demi-lunes (ravelins) and a new town enclosed in the enceinte. Although it is rare, all the watch towers and drawbridge gates as well as both churches and wells have been preserved intact since the 17th century. The citadel is still used for military purposes today.



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Founded: 1679
Category: Castles and fortifications in France


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User Reviews

GAUME XQ (6 months ago)
Lovely and well conserved citadel.
Guilain “ZOUT” Le ZOUT (7 months ago)
Exceptional city for our military heritage. From Vauban's golden age to us 300 years later when so many soldiers suffered and sweated. Architecture, military engineering, defensive intelligence. In addition the guide was very good, interesting and passionate.
Jean MEUDEC (7 months ago)
We went to the citadel by the yellow train from Villefranche-De-Conflent station where it was very very hot at the start! From Mont Louis station to the citadel there is almost 1 km to climb on foot. The day of our visit, July 25, the air was very fresh in Mont Louis, the people we met and who were coming down had their hoodies on and their arms crossed! Be sure to bring a sweater or jacket!! It was really cool up there. Visit a little disappointing for us.. fortunately the tea room L'entre temps welcomed us to taste the homemade cakes and pies, a treat! We recommend the tea room!!! The visit to the citadel is quick because a large part is military land. Nothing more. Nice train ride though.
Pascal de USATORRE (9 months ago)
La citadelle en elle même est réservée aux militaire des forces spéciales, la dernière fois qu'on y est allé on pouvait faire le tour de la citadelle, maintenant il y a des panneaux partout indiquant qu'il s'agit d'un terrain militaire et qu'il est défendu d'entrer. On fait donc le tour de plus loin (pas par les douves), et on doit faire un petit crochet à la fin pour revenir au point de départ. Les parkings sont gratuits autour et devant les portes de la cité. C'est toujours impressionnant de voir les parcours des forces spéciales accrochés sur les murailles de la citadelle !
anthony smith (2 years ago)
It looks like the citadel isn't available to visit a it's used fit training the French commandos
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