Pernegg Abbey

Pernegg, Austria

Pernegg Abbey was founded as a Premonstratensian nunnery in 1153. It was founded by Ekbert and Ulrich, who also founded the Geras Abbey about 10 kilometres from Pernegg.

Pernegg became a community of canons in 1584. In 1700 it became an abbey but was dissolved in 1783 under the reforms of Emperor Joseph II. In the mid-19th century the premises were acquired by Geras Abbey. Since 1995 they have been used as a retreat and seminar centre for the monastery at Geras.



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Pernegg 1, Pernegg, Austria
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Founded: 1153
Category: Religious sites in Austria


4.8/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

ulrike walder (14 months ago)
I spent a week in January for Ayurveda fasting at Pernegg Monastery. I liked it very well. Very good fasting companion.
ingolde schwarz (14 months ago)
Super Ayurveda fasting week with very competent leaders. I can only recommend.
Peter Grundmann (2 years ago)
Next visit, even better. The guided tour through the monastery was very interesting (Ulrich and his 13 women), the area invites you to linger. Fasting is always a win for the mind, body and soul. Gladly again. The location is great, only 1 hour from Vienna and you are in the middle of the silence. The team and the support is 1A. The rooms are very clean and cosy. Fasting can be so much fun. Gladly again.
Thomas Partel (2 years ago)
Fasting is in and rightly so, I'm a repeat offender too ? And from my point of view, this house is excellent for this retreat, even if the name is misleading, since it is purely a hotel business. The ambience inside is nice, the people are nice, the sauna area is small and nice. The rooms are ok, a bit noisy. But too much luxury would be inappropriate. Excellent massage offer. The house stands and falls with the competence of the independent fasting companions who accompany the courses. The beautiful, somewhat barren environment also contributes a lot, a running track and the "Path of Silence" start right at the house.
Ra Ma We (2 years ago)
Komme seit Jahren immer wieder zum Fasten. Das Ambiente und die Gegend sind einzigartig. Räumlichkeiten werden nach Renovierung bewußt schlicht gehalten. Personal und Fastenleitung sehr kompetent, freundlich und hilfsbereit. Absolute Empfehlung!
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