Linn Castle

Krefeld, Germany

The oldest fortress on the Lower Rhine is located in the historic Krefeld suburb of Linn. The former country castle belonging to the Electorate of Cologne has its origins around 1200. It was badly damaged during the Spanish Civil War of 1704.

The beautiful water castle is well preserved and includes a bailey, hunting lodge and tithe barn. In the accompanying Landscape Museum it is possible to view excavation finds from the days of Roman rule in the 5th century and the time of the Frankish princes. The special items included in the exhibition are the gilded articles buried along with the princes in the largest continuous and well-preserved burial site in Gellep-Stratum.

A further attraction is the mediaeval barge from the time of Charles the Great. Concerts and readings are regularly held in the great hall of Linn Castle. The castle grounds, including the surrounding park, provide an impressive backdrop for events of all kinds.



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Founded: c. 1200
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Hohenstaufen Dynasty (Germany)

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User Reviews

Andrew Budko (2 years ago)
Be sure to take the time and take a look at this place.I am very impressed and surprised. I got a lot of impressions from visiting this complex, which It includes a four-storey museum, where there are rich expositions of early Celtic history, the Roman era, ancient Germanic history, the era of the Napoleonic invasion and expositions of the bourgeois industrial Revolution. In addition, a well-preserved castle of the 12th century with many exhibits. And a hunting lodge, which makes it possible to visually see the situation, utensils, household items of various years. And even in the yard there is an antique sleigh and a fire pump. I want to visit this place again. I want to thank those people who have invested so much work and care to preserve and bring this to us, who continue to take care of this place. It is really a very rich museum, although it is located in Krefeld, but we came there by bike from Dusseldorf. A full inspection cost us 7 euros per adult.
Carlo Hermans (2 years ago)
Beautiful place with a lot of history ! Lovely place if you like castle's ?
saifrana rana (2 years ago)
Was there with my kid, nice place. Kids can visit free of cost. Also, as a student I paid 3 euros for combi ticket which was valid for everything. The collection in the museum is good. Unfortunately, at that day textile museum was closed.
Mesbah -Ul-Awal (3 years ago)
A castle surrounded by green fields and moats. The museum is closed for visitors who do not have covid negative certificate.
Drake “Nightwalker1179” (4 years ago)
Nice Castle and a great walk in nature. We will return! A nice view from the very top of the tower.
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