Hohensyburg Castle

Dortmund, Germany

The Hohensyburg, a castle complex of the Lords of Sieberg, was constructed on the grounds of a former Saxon refuge, which was conquered in 775 by the Franks under Charlemagne. The castle, which was built around 1100 of Ruhr sandstone, was partially destroyed in 1287 by Count Eberhard I. von der Mark. The castle complex was an imperial fief of the von der Mark counts from 1300. This fiefdom was transferred to Brandenburg in 1609, and later to Prussia.

Two keeps, residential quarters (two-chamber system), the wall ring and the walls around the courtyard complex are still recognisable. In the inside of the castle is a war memorial by Fritz Bagdons.



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Dortmund, Germany
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Founded: c. 1100
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Salian Dynasty (Germany)

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Tamara Pereira (2 years ago)
It has easy access, paved streets and parking. There are several attractions in this big place. Inside the parking lot there's an old church with a cemetery in the garden, further on there is a casino. We took the steps next to this casino and arrive at "Hohensyburg": not so big but nice to see. After that, there's an kiosk selling industrialized snacks and water. Plenty of picnic tables and chairs on site, benches to see the view as it's high up. I also saw a lot of pedestrians coming along a trail (I don't know where it starts), some people on bicycles and I also saw a wheelchair user. There is a paved way, a short walk that connects with the "Kaiser-Wilhelm-Denkmal" and allows a good view of the place. It is a very nice place to visit, the ruins are not big but they are worth it, the monument is very high. It is a quiet walk to do, it has entertainment for the children and the older ones enjoy the nature and the calm of the place.
James Conn (2 years ago)
Nice park with burg ruins and monument to Kaiser Wilhelm.
Sahand S.Kurdi (2 years ago)
One of the best places there with a great atmosphere for family too You can grill there And going on the edge you could see one of the best views in germany no matter how the weather is. Near there you can find some other great other activities
Deutsch Unterricht (2 years ago)
Nice place, very pleasant weather. It has a monument for soldiers, who were died in World wars. Beautiful statue of Wilhelm 2. and Bismarck. There are also nice landscape and nice cycle paths.
Atiq Massan (3 years ago)
The ruins are superb with extremely nice views over the river. The best time is early morning when the sun is coming up. When sun goes down it reflects on water. There is a walk way that goes down on ledges and different scenes present themselves. Going down is easy but dont go too down as coming up is constant stairs in a steep incline. There is a small shop and seating arrangement everywhere. Public toilet is there bur closed due to burst main pI'll pe. A bus 442 & 443 goe there every hour so time yourself accordingly. Bus stop is just a very shprt walk maybe 200 m to main ruins. One of the best places to visot in Dortmund. Highly recommended especially early in morning.
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