Avenches Amphitheatre

Avenches, Switzerland

Avenches (earlier known as Aventicum) became the capital of the Roman Helvetia province around 15-13 BC. The heyday of the city was in the 2nd century AD when it had over 20,000 inhabitants. The amphitheatre was also erected in the early 2th century. Today it is Switzerland's best preserved amphitheatre.


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Founded: 2th century AD
Category: Prehistoric and archaeological sites in Switzerland

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Ben Walpoth (2 years ago)
Old roman amphitheater in Avenches. It is definitely worth a visit!
Hansjürg Hürzeler (3 years ago)
Great mixture of ancient and well explained
Nuno Martins (3 years ago)
Great example of the Roman empire, here in the ancient Aventicum
Guy Romagnoli (3 years ago)
Old Romain Town, nice little place and good restaurants
Prince Dziwornu (3 years ago)
Lovely place. Highly recommended
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