Federal Palace of Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland

The Federal Palace (Bundeshaus) in Bern houses the Swiss Federal Assembly (legislature) and the Federal Council (executive). It has a total length of more than 300 metres consisting of a central assembly building and two wings housing government departments and a library. The building was designed by the architect Hans Wilhelm Auer and constructed between 1894 and 1902.



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Bundesplatz 3, Bern, Switzerland
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Founded: 1902
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in Switzerland

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User Reviews

Antony Robert-Nicoud (6 months ago)
Of course its great, so much history here!
diego ban (6 months ago)
Such an amazing building
Sylvain Gadenne (8 months ago)
The building is impressive and a great symbol of the Swiss identity and the particular political system. Especially worthwhile, depending on your trip dates, is that every October they will project a 30-minutes sound & light show directly on the building. The 2019 show was during one week, and was themes on the spatial journey to the Moon in 1964. It was extremely impressive and moving.
Dan Jones (11 months ago)
The square in front of the Swiss parliament Building is used for farmer markets, events and a lot of other things. We had a tour with a very nice guide and discovered for the first time some of the rooms where politics take place.We went and there happened to be this really cool laser show/movie playing on the building. It was about the Matterhorn and respecting Mother Nature. Loads of people were out watching it despite the weather.
Dany Aubert (12 months ago)
Even if you're unable to tour the Parliament building, it's well worth your time to walk around to the back to see the views of from the terrace behind it. Looking North across the Aare River you can see beautiful gardens and rooftops as well as the museum district and the rolling hills beyond. As true of all places we visited in Switzerland, the building and surrounding area were spotless and well-maintained.
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