Arboga Town Hall

Arboga, Sweden

The town hall was originally built as a church in the 15th Century. During the reformation in the 16th Century Gustav Vasa gave the church to the people of Arboga and its new purpose was to be the town hall. However the king used the house as his own private residence instead. His daughter, Cecilia, Countess of Arboga, also lived here in 1570. From 1640 to the present day Arboga’s town council has had offices here. The present appearance dates from the renovation made in 1725-1759.



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Smedjegatan 5, Arboga, Sweden
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Founded: 1752-59
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in Sweden
Historical period: The Age of Liberty (Sweden)

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Anna Karolczak (15 months ago)
What a good floor it has become after the leak. Soft and comfortable to train on
Åsa Hulthén (2 years ago)
Standard gymnasiums on two floors. Toilets, showers, sauna and meeting room.
Noah Ngenu (Nosh) (2 years ago)
Björn von Walden (2 years ago)
Wrestling games, activities and play for generations
Ulf Svensson (2 years ago)
Nice that there is a Sports Hall for many different sports, there could be one, two to Kungsör Have 3 with less than half of Arboga's population it had about 20 years ago
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