Shrine of the Virgin of the Rosary of Pompei

Pompei, Italy

Bartolo Longo started restoring a The Pontifical Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary church in disrepair in October 1873. In 1875, Longo obtained a painting of Our Lady of the Rosary from a convent in Naples and raised funds to restore the image so as to locate it in the church. Miracles began to be reported and pilgrims began flocking in droves to the church. Three hundred people of the area pledged a penny a month for the work. Bartolo Longo was encouraged by Giuseppe Formisano, Bishop of Nola, to begin the construction of a larger church—the cornerstone being laid on the 8 May 1876. The church was consecrated on the 7 May 1891 by Cardinal Raffaele Monaco La Valletta.



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Founded: 1891
Category: Religious sites in Italy

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Yasir Khalil (15 months ago)
Very picturesque from outside. Very easy to find and has friendly staff. It doesn't have a parking of its own but outside at the side of the road you can park for a cheap price. Although it's Pompeii, meaning at peak times, finding a spot to shove your car in, is difficult
Owen Collins (15 months ago)
Ornatetly decorated. Busy at all times as there are frequent services. Worth a visit. The entrance to the tower is to the left of the steps into the cathedral. Lift was out of order when I visited.
Shan Parsons (15 months ago)
The building was beautiful, inside and out, the public are welcomed even during service, Absolutely worth a visit.
Juan Carlos Recinos (17 months ago)
This is a church close to the Pompei ruins. The church is in front of a really nice Plaza. I did not go in but from the outside it look pretty big. Around it you will see sings that says that inside is a place of prayer and silence is needed. I think that is a nice way to say to be respectful since not everyone is a tourist. I hope to visit it again and go inside, since this time I was looking for an authentic restaurant to each, which I did. Sorry, can't remember the name of the restaurant.
chamendrika silva (17 months ago)
Well, this church is well known for its miracle which happened during the eruption of the volcano in the past. The architecture of the church is a must to watch!It's beautiful inside . If you're in Pompeii this place is a must to watch
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