Moorish Castle

Gibraltar, United Kingdom

The Moorish Castle is the name given to a medieval fortification in Gibraltar comprising various buildings, gates, and fortified walls, with the dominant features being the Tower of Homage and the Gate House. Although sometimes compared to the nearby alcazars in Spain, the Moorish Castle in Gibraltar was constructed by the Marinid dynasty, making it unique in the Iberian Peninsula.

The Moorish occupation is by far the longest in Gibraltar's recorded history, having lasted from 711 to 1309 and then again from 1333 to 1462, a total of 727 years.

Construction of the Moorish Castle commenced in the 8th century AD. Its walls enclosed a considerable area, reaching down from the upper part of the Rock of Gibraltar to the sea. The most conspicuous remaining parts of the Castle are the upper tower, or Tower of Homage, together with various terraces and battlements below it, and the massive Gate House, with its cupola roof.

The present Tower of Homage, and most of what is visible today of the Castle, was rebuilt during the second Moorish period of occupation in the early 14th century, after its near destruction during a reconquest of Gibraltar by the Moors following a re-occupation by Spanish forces from 1309 to 1333.



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Founded: 8th century AD
Category: Castles and fortifications in United Kingdom


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Eilon Peretz (14 months ago)
If you have a stroller or an old man / lady it’s impossible . Very hard floor . There is nice points of view but overall not that interesting . I would add it only because it’s before pens castle . More importantly buy the pens castle tickets at the moorish castle line . Much shorter
Patrik Bukovský (17 months ago)
Very nice, relaxing experience. Close to the entrance was a small pond with a turtle, so first great point to make hundred photos, then we went to he top of the castle, which is also a great photogenic place. Not much to really see, just very nice view from the top.
chilicrazi (19 months ago)
Fantastic piece of history being the oldest building on the Rock dating back to the Moor era. Great views from the top level. Just be careful making your way up the stairs. Duck when you reach the last stretch to the roof! NOTE: This is part of the upper nature reserve area so you have to buy a ticket to enter. The good news is that it’s for the whole upper area of the Rock and includes entry to all the tunnels, caves and historical exhibitions.
Crystal Davis (19 months ago)
Nice views from the castle and the architecture was pleasant. However, there wasn’t much to see besides the castle itself and the views. I would still recommend seeing it.
Sam A (21 months ago)
Very cool castle to explore in Sintra. Climbing to the top will share incredible views! Wear comfortable shoes and sunscreen because it’s several steps to the top.
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