San Jerónimo de Valparaíso Monastery

Córdoba, Spain

On the hills above the amazing Medina Azahara, nestling in the mountains of Córdoba and surrounded by native Mediterranean vegetation, stands this impressive 15th century monastery. It was originally Gothic in style, although different reforms in Renaissance and Baroque style have added a wealth of interesting details to the building.

The owners, the Marquises of El Mérito, have done a great job over several generations in restoring the building.The grand facade, with its balconies and windows, is an impressive sight and in the middle of the entrance there is a white marble medallion with a relief of St. Jerome. Within, the main courtyard is a cloister with Doric columns and Gothic vaults, with several chapels leading off it.

Visiting times: Only certain days a year through Medina Azahara.



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Founded: 15th century
Category: Religious sites in Spain


4.6/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Jose Antonio Saez (13 months ago)
Very nice and in very good condition
Una pena no poder visitarlo aunque sea por fuera. Desde donde llegamos estaba todo cercado. Unas vistas preciosas
Manuel Romero Meras (13 months ago)
Spectacular 15th century building, Gothic in its origin and enriched in later reforms. Nestled in the Sierra de Córdoba, above Medina Azahara.
Ignacio Hijano (14 months ago)
Too bad I couldn't see it inside, it must be beautiful. Outwardly it looks spectacular.
José Carlos Pino (18 months ago)
Precious jewel that was almost destroyed and dismantled in the years following the unfortunate episode of the confiscation, and practically left to fall into oblivion until just over a century ago, in which, the Monastery being acquired by a private individual, it has been recovering much of the splendor that it must have had at the time thanks to continuous investments in restoration, improvement and rehabilitation of many of its spaces. Congratulations to the owners, I hope that the work of all these decades will be recognized. By the way, both the family that owns the property and the staff who take care of it are very kind. It is worth managing the visit to enjoy both the contemplation of this incredible monument, and the views from it.
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