Mackenzie Castle

Genoa, Italy

The Mackenzie Castle is a historical manor in the Castelletto quarter of Genoa. It is an example of Gothic Revival architecture. The castle was built on a pre-existing country villa, in turn located on the site of the 16th century Genoese walls.

Built in 1893-1905, it was designed in Gothic revival style by Art Nouveau architect Gino Coppedè under commission by Evan Mackenzie, an insurance broker, whose family lived here for 26 years.

In 1956 it was declared a national monument. Thirty years later it was acquired by American collector Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. The restoration works he commissioned remained unfinished, and in 2002 the castle was sold to the Cambi auction house which commissioned the restoration to architect Gianfranco Franchini. The manor was opened to the public in 2004 and is now used as a public space for scientific or cultural exhibitions.



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Founded: 1893
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in Italy

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User Reviews

Ursus Ursa (7 months ago)
Cambi art auctions
Cilia Zuiderwijk (13 months ago)
We went to Mackenzie Castle thinking it was a museum and open to the public, but when we arrived the staff told us it's a private castle. A bit disappointed, we wanted to go back but one of the men behind the counter told us he might be able to give us a tour either way. Totally unexpected! We were given a small tour of the interior and exterior of the castle which was really beautiful. Many thanks to the lovely staff of Mackenzie Castle!!
NM K (13 months ago)
Hidden treasure! We wanted to visit a castle near by a bus stop and stumbled upon the Mackenzie Castle. It's a private castle which is used as an auction house, but the people here were very kind to show us around! Absolutely stunning interior and exterior and well worth to take a look here.
Anna R (17 months ago)
Beautiful place to see while in Genova!
David Crow (7 years ago)
Not what we expected. It's an auction house which offers tours by appointment, though the gentleman who gives the tours was nice enough to show us around despite our unannounced arrival. They are setting up or tearing down auctions 80 percent of the time, but if you hit it right you may get an impressive art exhibition. The "castle" is an 1898 Florentine mansion with heavy influence from Tuscany. It's quite worth the visit, and will continue to improve as restoration moves forward.
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