Bogense Church

Bogense, Denmark

Saint Nicholas Church, is located in the harbour town of Bogense on the Danish island of Funen. It was built in 1406 on the remains of a 12th-century Romanesque church. In the mid-15th century, various additions were made including the tower which unusually is at the east end of the church. The tall spire served as a landmark for shipping. Comprehensive restoration work was completed in 2010. Artefacts include a 16th-century altar (1588), a 13th-century baptismal font, and a carved pulpit from 1604.


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Founded: 1406
Category: Religious sites in Denmark
Historical period: Kalmar Union (Denmark)

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Natalie Vaisman (5 years ago)
They've been very helpful in all the times I needed, including on-campus work authorizations and transfer of sponsorship. They're always very quick to answer phone calls, though e-mail and in person visits can some times take a little longer. Not too much though. I'm satisfied.
Thanh Nguyen (5 years ago)
Overall the staffs here are very friendly and helpful when you walk-in and request for any services. The waiting time could be long due to the amount of requests that they have occasionally but in general they make sure we walk out with the information we need. However, one thing that could not get the fifth star from me is that the communication should also be more consistent through phone call request. Even though the people I have spoken with on the phone are very nice, caring, and patient, I might end up getting different answer for the same question every time I call in to check something. Hope this feedback helps!
Susie Hu (5 years ago)
I don't think they even deserve a one star rating. BU ISSO office is the worst, they are not helpful and takes a long time to respond to any messages or emails. The student advisors are useless and does not care about their students. It is just ridiculous how useless they are! I really don't understand why BU doesn't do anything even when there are so much complaints about the ISSO.
Sai Nikhil (5 years ago)
Not sure why there’s enormous backlash over here but I have had no problems with the office. I understand BU has a large number of international students and hence the office can be busy always but I’ve always found them acommodating and helpful be it with travel signatures, CPT or OPT. This is in addition to the genuinely nice staff from the front desk employees to the amazing advisors.
Ian (6 years ago)
School is 4 weeks away and I have yet to receive my new I-20, let alone even apply for my F-1. I don't want special treatment in any just because I am an international student, but some things NEED to be done quick, and are extremely time sensitive. I was super excited to go to BU, as it was my first choice, but now I'm having doubts about their efficiency. Regardless, even if I still wanted to, I might not be able to enroll as again, 4 weeks until classes start and no I-20, so...
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Kastelholma Castle

First record of Kastelholma (or Kastelholm) castle is from the year 1388 in the contract of Queen Margaret I of Denmark, where a large portion of the inheritance of Bo Jonsson Grip was given to the queen. The heyday of the castle was in the 15th and 16th centuries when it was administrated by Danish and Swedish kings and stewards of the realms. Kastelhoma was expanded and enhanced several times.

In the end of 16th century castle was owned by the previous queen Catherine Jagellon (Stenbock), an enemy of the King of Sweden Eric XIV. King Eric conquered Kastelholma in 1599 and all defending officers were taken to Turku and executed. The castle was damaged under the siege and it took 30 years to renovate it.

In 1634 Åland was joined with the County of Åbo and Björneborg and Kastelholma lost its administrative status.