Haus Marck Castle

Tecklenburg, Germany

At the foot of Tecklenburg, one of the most beautiful half-timbered towns in the Münsterland, lies the moated castle Haus Marck. Idyllically nestled in a valley meadow and surrounded by its moat, the manor house is considered an insider tip worth seeing by explorers of the Tecklenburg region.

The Knights of Horne acquired the property in 1368 to build a castle. As early as 1490, however, a new Haus Marck was built, which in the following centuries underwent a few changes of ownership and two major phases of reconstruction, one of them in 1562 in the Renaissance style. The house received its present appearance as a four-winged, single-storey complex in the Baroque style in 1754 after a collapse of the former complex. Since 1803, the estate has been owned by the von Diepenbroick-Grüter family, which has preserved the estate including the surrounding nature.



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Founded: 1490
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Habsburg Dynasty (Germany)

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Sabine La (2 years ago)
Unfortunately, the city of Tecklenburg presented a wrong picture of Haus Marck, this area is unfortunately not open to the public because it is privately owned. The site will be open for a few events. In general, access around Haus Marck is prohibited as it is privately owned
Silvio Pelz (2 years ago)
Nice little historical place. It can only be viewed from the outside (outside the property), as it is private. Every third Sunday of the month there is a guided tour, then there is the opportunity to see more.
Christoph Kremer (2 years ago)
The rating refers to the holiday home.... ... and this is highly recommended. The house is a real highlight. The former barn has been rebuilt with great attention to detail. There is a large eat-in kitchen on the ground floor. Perfect for social evenings. The terrace has sun in the morning and in the evening... and a fantastic view of the garden. This is a paradise for children. We were just allowed to inaugurate the grill. Here you can tell that our hosts really put some thought into the planning. Everything looks harmonious and you don't miss anything. I have to highlight the kitchen furnishings. There are even things here that we don't have in our kitchen. The presence of two refrigerators alone shows that our hosts have really taken care of the needs of their guests. Pots and pans are also large enough for eight people. Unfortunately, that has often been the case. And if you have any questions, someone is always there to help. Just a shame we only booked for a weekend. But we would love to come back.
Babu Kollamkudy (3 years ago)
Jix (4 years ago)
Awesome location!
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