Vyborg, Russia

Raatitorni (The Council Tower) is the only remaining part of the medieval Vyborg city walls. After the wall was demolished it functioned as a bell tower of near church. The tower was damaged in Winter War, but restored later.



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A127, Vyborg, Russia
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Founded: 1470s
Category: Castles and fortifications in Russia


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User Reviews

Александр Дубровский (2 years ago)
It is impossible to describe your impressions, in the city founded in the 13th century. It's like running into the Hermitage once and writing your opinion. This is history, it is necessary to prepare for this meeting.
Andrey Belov (2 years ago)
I liked the tower for its good condition. When I walked into it, it looked just like new. Of course, new comfortable steps from metal structures were built inside. Five hundred years ago, the defenders of the city climbed wooden stairs. Thanks to the restorers. It was interesting to learn more about her. It was built in the 1470s along with other towers of the defensive wall of the stone city. The Tower of the Town Hall was the only gate tower in the southeastern part of the wall of the Stone Town. The tower got its name due to the fact that it was built or maintained with the money of the townspeople. The tower was a single oblique volume 9.7 m high (12.5 m to the roof ridge). In fact, the tower was nothing more than a watchtower. After the tower finally lost its military significance, it was transferred to the jurisdiction of the magistrate of the Vyborg City Hall. An arsenal was arranged in the tower, where the weapons and combat armor of the townspeople were stored, who were obliged, if necessary, to participate in the defense of the city. Great point of attraction for tourists.
Марина (2 years ago)
The tower is nice, but the entrance is only from Thursday to Sunday. ? In the summer, seven days a week. Hire students for practice.
Oleg Naumov (2 years ago)
City Council Tower, XV century. Originally it was built as one of nine defensive towers but this one was the only gate house. During the Las decade of XVI century other gates were orginazed and passage of this towere was bricked up. Tower received its name from the simple fact that it was supervised by the city council. Vyborg, ??Russian Federation ??. May 2, 2021.
Roman Lemberg (2 years ago)
There is practically nothing in the tower, a four with a minus. Observation, video tour with a detailed commentary and historical background, but it also contains the key to the city - an excellent keeper Sergey, he is a five! Only the first 2 floors are the original of the same combat tower. The hexagon was built later. The history of the inner kitchen of Vyborg and some sensitive topics about the environment, objects that are in ruins, and other complex topics are always interesting to discuss with the curator. He will give a detailed commentary on the problems and ways to deal with them in the city. He is not afraid of discussion.
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