Archaeological Museum

Gdańsk, Poland

The Archaeological museum is situated in a complex of buildings by the Motława River. It contains an extensive collection describing the Polish cultural and ethnic roots of the region.


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4.3/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Саша Леонова (2 years ago)
The museum building looks incredible!!! But it’s impossible to visit the museum, because it’s closed for renovation until 28.02.2023
Klaus Wanderer (4 years ago)
Quite poor in both exhibits and curation and the staff seen not to know that their Museum is included for free in the tourist card. I did see the museum for free, it's free on a Saturday. A bit tough to find the entrance, I kept moving around for a few minutes until I found the entrance The whole place is old, probably not updated since Communism, most of the exhibits are in Polish only, some have English tags but the explanations are lacking, some very few Wikipedia type text describing what the Neolithic etc are The Sudan exhibit is very small but definitely interesting and you should definitely go to see that bit. As far as the rest is concerned, my main take is that very few has been found in the area of Gdansk because most of it was covered by ice :))
Alexander Nilsson (4 years ago)
A place with huge potential that currently is not there. Superb location, interesting exhibition and good atmosphere. However, the exhibition was not really in a chronological order. The locale had very dated features that could easily be replaced for a better impression (lighting, signs etc). Not all exhibitions were in English which was a down side. I enjoyed it, but it is not perhaps for the casual museum goer.
Ivan Spirydonau (5 years ago)
Great and informative museum. The views from the top of the tower are epic. Highly advised!
ole schmidtke (5 years ago)
A good museum showing a bit etnographic displays as well
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