Läckö Castle

Lidköping, Sweden

Brynolf Algotsson, Bishop of Skara, laid the foundations for a fortified castle in Läckö in 1298 originally as a fort that consisted of two or three houses surrounded by a wall. After a fire during the 1470s, the fort was expanded by bishop Brynolf Gerlachsson.

After the reformation in 1527, King Gustav Vasa took possession. Field Marshal Jacob Pontusson De la Gardie was granted the property in 1615. Field Marshal de la Gardie embarked on an extensive building spree, including the third floor of the keep. The portal to the main courtyard was added during his period, as were the frescos depicting people and winding plants found in niches, stairwells and the rooms on the third floor. In 1654, Count Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie initiated immense construction projects at Läckö. A fourth floor was built in the main building and a number of artists were hired to decorate the walls and ceilings of the castle.

Läckö Castle is a national monument and has been managed by the National Property Board since 1993.



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2578, Lidköping, Sweden
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Founded: 1298
Category: Castles and fortifications in Sweden
Historical period: Consolidation (Sweden)


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User Reviews

Fabian Kastel (11 months ago)
Really beautiful place. Definitely worth a visit, the area around it is awesome for hiking too!
adam lee (11 months ago)
If you are looking for a beautiful picturesque location, history and Fika near Lidköping this is the place to visit. There is plenty of history to learn about the castle, and the views are amazing. Small coffee shop just outside of the castle with great Fika with great prices, too.
R Stunetii (11 months ago)
Fascinating and well-kept castle. I especially enjoyed being able to casually visit some of the rooms in the courtyard area without being part of a guided tour. I especially liked the armoury. The gardens were beautiful.
Shawna J. (11 months ago)
This was our favorite castle to tour. The other castles were glitz and glamour. This one was beautiful and unique artwork. If I read that on a review, I'd probably pass on this castle thinking it was boring. It's not boring at all. It's amazing.
Ted Williams (12 months ago)
Awesome historic adventure. Beautiful, interesting views inside and out. Tour was given by gentleman explaining details about entire castle.
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