Museum of Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Museum of Copenhagen (Københavns Bymuseum) is the official museum of Copenhagen city. It documents the history from the 12th century to the present day. The museum is located close to the Central Station at Vesterbrogade, in a mansion from 1787 which used to house the Royal Copenhagen Shooting Society, and overlooks Skydebanehaven, the former shooting range now serving as a small public park.

Outside the museum's entrance is a large scale model of medieval Copenhagen. Part of the adjacent street Absalongade serves as a museum street, featuring historic street furniture.



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Founded: 1891
Category: Museums in Denmark


4.6/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Emma Kilburn (8 months ago)
I absolutely loved this museum. The collection is so varied, and even having been to various museums in Italy, I was amazed by the extensive collection of Roman sculpture. The Rodins are beautiful and there are some other beautiful French sculptors to discover too. The cafe is located in the beautiful winter garden and has a great menu. I went on a Tuesday when I was surprised to discover that the museum is free - I just had to pay for the temporary exhibition. I really recommend this museum!
Abeer K (10 months ago)
Great collections of sculptures and paintings. But there’s a serious lack of seats especially where the texts on the walls are long, or where the pieces themselves are so big, and worth sitting in front of them for a bit. The Egyptian part is wonderful. The Palmyra room is very unique. It was the first time I see anything from this ancient kingdom. It is a must museum for sure. And it takes not less than 2 hours. You might prefer to start with the most interesting parts for you, because towards the end of your tour you might be tired, overwhelmed and not able to read and focus (while standing). When I was there the toilets were not clean, as in all museums in this super clean city. And it wasn’t a tourism season! (September). The staff there is very friendly.
Ayisha Raja-Qadri (11 months ago)
Beautiful exhibitions... gorgeous gardens... tranquility. I wouldn't take young children though there are a lot of activities provided for kids to keep them entertained.
Aard Anykey (12 months ago)
Definitely one of the best places to go to in Copenhagen! We spend nearly 4hrs inside. It's an amazing building with great art! Free on Tuesdays but has a bit of a queue, so come early.
David Frederking (14 months ago)
Outstanding collection of sculpture and art from many eras. Almost crowded with sculpture to be honest but truly stunning works. The building is absolutely phenomenal especially under the dome in the garden area. It's a great addition to any visit to Copenhagen.
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