Östra Ryd Church

Östra Ryd, Sweden

Östra Ryd Church was built around the year 1300 and the nave and vaults were constructed around 1430. The church was rebuilt completely in the 1700s, when the tower was added. The altar screen is made of oak in 1488. The limestone font dates from the mid-1200s and wooden cruficixes from the 1400s. There is also a chapel of Brahe family, added in 1690-1693. They donated lot of valuable inventory to Östra Ryd church, most of them were war trophies from the Thirty Years' War.

  • Marianne Mehling et al. Knaurs Kulturführer in Farbe. Schweden. München 1987.


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Founded: c. 1300
Category: Religious sites in Sweden
Historical period: Consolidation (Sweden)


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User Reviews

Md Wahidur Rahman (3 years ago)
Beautiful Church in around vaxholm, stockholm sweden. The surrounding places are amazingly beautiful. I love to go again and again there.
Joseph Mugerwa (3 years ago)
The church is beautifully situated on a hill by Kyrkviken near Rydboholm's castle in Österåker municipality. The church has a unique collection of paintings, A total of 280 people can stay in Östra Ryd's church at the same time. 240 people can sit on the benches.
Litta S (3 years ago)
We were passing by, saw this gorgeous church from a distance, took a detour, enjoyed it from outside. Absolutely beautiful.
Alessandro Sorrentino (3 years ago)
We did not visit the church, but the area is really beautiful and calm for a walk in the nature.
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