Doddendael Castle

Ewijk, Netherlands

Doddendael Castle is a medieval castle surrounded by a moat built in the 1430s. The castle had already been in the possession of various families when the Van Stepraedt family bought it in 1489 for 4,000 gold guilders. In 1526 they sold Doddendael to Duke Charles of Gelre, who used it as a base. In that same year, people of Nijmegen went on the rampage by boat, plundering the castle and setting it on fire. In 1528 the Van Stepraedt family bought it back, in its burnt state, and started on the restoration.

In 1585 the castle was occupied by the Spanish. During the Siege of Nijmegen, Prince Maurits recaptured the castle and set it on fire again. After this fire, only the heavy base walls remained standing. Tirelessly, the Van Stepraedt family resumed the restoration.ConventicleThe Van Stepraedt family stopped using the restored castle as a main residence in the middle of the 17th century. When the practice of Roman Catholicism was banned, they made the castle vault available as a conventicle. Roman Catholics in the area secretly attended mass here. Remnants of the conventicle can still be seen.

The last extensive restoration of Slot Doddendael took place in 1977. Since then, it has been a popular and much-used backdrop for parties, dinners, weddings, meetings and conferences.



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Binnenweg 2, Ewijk, Netherlands
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Founded: 15th century
Category: Castles and fortifications in Netherlands

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S. Harindra Fernando (3 years ago)
We attended a funeral ceremony. Spacious and quiet place. At the refreshments after the ceremony they didn't have lactose free milk. The staff is friendly.
Eligos Rau (3 years ago)
Nice location. Really beautiful. Staff is super friendly. Drinks were nice, "bittergarnituur" was nice, but "flammenkuchen" was a bit.. dry and boring. Not much flavour. Different style than they have in Germany. (Just honest feedback. We had a great time, so 4 stars!)
Frank Ernst (3 years ago)
Beautiful place
IP T. (4 years ago)
This establishment is very annoying and rude to its visitors. Not even allowing parking by tidy people and cars.
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