Nieuwe Kerk

Hague, Netherlands

The Nieuwe Kerk was built in 1649 after the Great Church had become too small. Construction was completed in 1656. The church was designed by the architect Peter Noorwits, who was assisted by the painter and architect Bartholomeus van Bassen. The church is considered a highlight of the early Protestant church architecture in the Netherlands. Like many churches of that time was the New Church, a central building. Unlike other central building, the church is no simple circular or multifaceted plan but there is a space of two octagonal sections which are connected by a slightly smaller proportion in which the pulpit was prepared. The architecture of the church shows elements of both Renaissance and Classicism. Two church bells by Coenraat Wegewaert in 1656 hang in their original bell-chairs.

The church has an organ built by the Dutch organ builder Johannes Duyschot (1645-1725) in 1702. The construction has left most of the pipework and the cupboard. The organ was rebuilt in 1867 by one of the best organ builders of that time, the business of Christian Gottlieb Friedrich Witte. They adjusted the design of the organ to make it suitable for modern Romantic music.

The Nieuwe Kerk contains the tombs of the brothers De Witt and of the philosopher Spinoza. Spinoza's tomb is in the churchyard.



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Oude Kerk, Hague, Netherlands
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Founded: 1649-1656
Category: Religious sites in Netherlands

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Jake Murray (9 months ago)
Whilst I did not go into The New Church in The Hauge, or rather the Nieuwe Kerk. I enjoyed the architecture as it looked modern yet retro. It was intriguing and the garden surrounding the church was well maintained and clean. There were a few benches people could sit and appreciate the stunning church which I thought was a nice touch. It's easy to get here by tram.
Peter Agoston (Petros The Musician) (12 months ago)
Nieuw Kerk Nice venue for classical concerts. It has 2 floors with great rooms /facilities for chamber concerts & conferences, banquets etc…. Alongside the great acoustic it's a remarkable building in the circular/ concentric "protestant hansa style" {and Dutch Classicism}, built in the middle of the 17th century. The pilon-free wood construction of the roof is absolute unique. Famously, this is the very place for the tomb of Baruch Spinoza (Benedicti de Espinoza) Nowadays Nieuw Kerk has the original spiritual function again: Inviting you to Gd's mercy, love and reconstruction! Redeemer International Church meets at this location on Sunday mornings at 10 am. It means: Modern worship service, reformed stabil theology, English sermon and great vibe.
Robin Irwin (14 months ago)
Want to see the Ndlovu Youth Nhoir. It did not dissapoint. The accoustics were great! Highly recommend going here foe any concert.
Chaya (15 months ago)
Wonderful place for those who enjoy to assist theatre and performance of other artists. The reception team was very kind and in the end of the show, all the guests had drinks prepared for us.
Ekaterina Beznosova (2 years ago)
it was a wonderful Christmas concert. The workers and organizers of the event were very kind and helpful.
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