Stuttgart Old Castle

Stuttgart, Germany

The Old Castle is located in the centre of Stuttgart. The first castle dated back to around 950 when Stuttgart was a settlement for breeding horses; it was built to guard the Stutengarten of the stud. In the 14th century it became the residence of the Counts of Württemberg and the court chamber (Hofkammer) of the House of Württemberg. In the 16th century dukes Christopher and Ludwig ordered it to be converted into a Renaissance palace or schloss; work which was carried out from 1553 to 1578. It was at this time (1560) that the equestrian staircase was built by Blasius Berwart. In 1562 the palace church was consecrated and the conference hall furnished. The moats around the castle were filled in during the 18th century.

In 1931, the castle was severely damaged by a fire and before it could be reconstructed it was damaged by bombing in the Second World War. The castle was finally renovated in 1969.

King Charles I of Württemberg and his wife Olga are buried beneath the castle church. The inner courtyard houses a monument to Eberhard I. The Old Castle stands adjacent to its replacement, the New Castle, which was built in the late 18th century.

Today the Old Castle is home to the Württemberg State Museum.



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Founded: c. 950 AD
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Ottonian Dynasty (Germany)


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User Reviews

Pedro 2163 (4 months ago)
Incredible museum! All the art is beautiful and well presented. The entry price is very low and the visit takes some time to be done. I totally recommend it!
Felipe C H Bertin (5 months ago)
Very good exhibition on human history (local findings) with several artifacts with a well organized display and descriptions. The only down side is that the interior does not look like a castle anymore due renovations. PS. The staff is very kind and responded quickly and gentle to a woman not feeling well.
Γιάννης Γιαννακόπουλος (5 months ago)
Vary interesting experience!! It was like reading a book...from the beginning till the end!! Well done ?
Alex Escala (5 months ago)
The castle aged gracefully and its facade well-maintained. For sure the interiors should be equally kept structurally sound. History preserved for future generations to see.
Sekhar Visvanathan (8 months ago)
Huge museum which gives the History of the Baden Wuttemberg region. Need to spend atleast 3 hours to just go thru the exhibits. Very imaginative displays. I wish there were a little more information cards in Engish .
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