Stuttgart New Palace

Stuttgart, Germany

The New Palace (das Neue Schloss) is built in late Baroque style. From 1746 to 1797 and from 1805 to 1807, it served as a residence of the kings of Württemberg. The palace stands adjacent to the Old Castle.

The castle was almost destroyed by Allied bombing during World War II and was reconstructed between 1958 and 1964. During this time most of the inside of the castle was also restored and the building was used by the Baden-Württemberg State Parliament. Today it is used by the State Ministries of Finance and Education. Public tours of the building are only permitted by special arrangement.

Schlossplatz is adjacent to two other popular squares in Stuttgart: Karlsplatz to the south and Schillerplatz to the south west. The former German President, Richard von Weizsäcker was born in the New Castle on April 15, 1920.



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Founded: 1746
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in Germany
Historical period: Emerging States (Germany)


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User Reviews

Cédric Chastagner (13 months ago)
Nice from the outside but that’s it. You CANNOT VISIT IT. I don’t know where those people got the pictures from. We tried every entrance door. Such a pity!
Mahmoud Hassan (14 months ago)
Always interested me to know how does it look from inside
Belgacem TLILI (2 years ago)
It was very nice and very cold, we were freezing, went there during Christmas and everything was closed
Maxim Grozny (2 years ago)
There are not so many interesting places in Stuttgart but this one really nice!
SACHIT VARMA (2 years ago)
Magnificent palace! Didn't get a chance to visit inside and I'm not sure if someone is allowed to or not since this place is now an official building for several government departments and ministries. The footprint of this palace is pretty huge and it spreads in a nig area with lots of gardens and public squares around. Very close to the Stuttgart main station and one of the most visited spots in this city...
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