Obere Burg ('Upper Castle'), also known colloquially as Burg Neu-Schellenberg, is the larger and older one of the two ruined castles in Schellenberg. Its construction was finished already around 1200. The castles's first appearance in written records occurred on the 10th of January 1348. According to current estimates, it was inhabited until roughly the 16th century, when it was abandoned and ceased to function as a residence. In the following centuries, the castle lost its military purpose and became a ruin. In 1956, Franz Joseph II, Prince of Liechtenstein handed over ownership of the heavily overgrown ruin to the Historical Association of the Principality of Liechtenstein. This institution is the current owner and caretaker of the ruin and oversees its research, upkeep and preservation.

The castle ruin located in the municipality of Schellenberg, Liechtenstein. It lies at the western edge of Hinterschloss, one of the burroughs in the village of Neu-Schellenberg. It is freely open to tourists. Due to its close proximity to Hinterschloss, it is probably the most easily accessible of all Liechtenstein castles. Obere Burg is one of the five existing castles in Liechtenstein and one of the three ruined ones in the country.



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Founded: c. 1200
Category: Castles and fortifications in Liechtenstein


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Francesco Xodo (7 months ago)
The Upper Castle is the older of the two castles in Schellenberg. The first building probably dates back to the end of the 12th century and developed into a castle in the following decades. After its destruction in 1405 by the residents of Eschnerberg during the Appenzell War, it was probably rebuilt and then left to fall into ruin from the 16th century.
Adriana Pinzon-Malaver (9 months ago)
The ruins are very nice. There is not much to see since they are just ruins, but my son had the greatest time ever, he ran and played for over an hour pretending to be a knight protecting the castle. Great place for a family afternoon or a nice nature walk.
Kharmencita Brueckner (11 months ago)
OBERE BURG SCHELLENBERG:= A very old Castle Ruins that is well maintained and well surrounded by beautiful green sceneries of big trees and walking trails. A nice place to meditate or roam around to find peace and order in mind after a stressful day :-)
Wanderers Compass Travel Blog (13 months ago)
Our first stop in Liechtenstein. The castle is set right in a neighborhood and near walking trails which this country is known for. It is well maintained ruin. Clearly they take excellent care of it. Entry is free and free parking is nearby. There even a fire pit in it likely used by locals. Really enjoyed this castle and the setting.
Nathalie Heitz (2 years ago)
I love ruins like this, since it makes me feel more like I’m there at the time, than when the castle has been renovated. Great views as well.
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