Meßkirch Castle

Meßkirch, Germany

Build around 1557 by the Counts of Zimmern, Messkirch Castle is reputed to be the earliest quadrangular Renaissance structure north of the Alps. The castle's main showpiece is the large ceremonial hall with its magnificent coffered ceiling, which today provides a festive setting not just for concerts and exhibitions, but also for weddings and conferences. In summer, the castle's inner courtyard and adjoining gardens also serve as an impressive backdrop for concerts, theatre performances, classic car meetings and markets. Fringe theatre and cabaret in the informal ambience of the castle cellars are a unique experience.



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Founded: 1577
Category: Castles and fortifications in Germany
Historical period: Reformation & Wars of Religion (Germany)


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User Reviews

Marianne Sletten (2 years ago)
Slottet hadde en interessant historie, og lå nydelig til på en liten høyde i Messkirch, men det var innsiden av kirken som var det store høydepunktet! Her får man et voldsomt inntrykk av den katolske kirkens betydning for troen, og den geistlige makten (i samspill med adelen) som var så uangripelig og enerådende, fra middelalderen og utover.. Overdådig, og svulstig, men aldeles nydelig håndtverk.. Her har man ikke spart på noe! Fascinerende å oppleve en så uhemmet bruk av kostbare materialer, og slike mengder av religiøse kunstverk, sammenlignet med en mer protestantisk "nedtonet kirkeutsmykking"
sieglinde behrend (2 years ago)
A very nice castle ? and you are welcome to take a look at the exhibition. Definitely worth a visit. LG Sieglinde
Ralf S (3 years ago)
Nice to walk
Hans Bolte (3 years ago)
The exhibitions are very informative, provided you can do something with the term metaphysics?. The art exhibition top notch. The castle, as far as you can enter it, was very neat and clean
Karol Tkáč (3 years ago)
Beautiful place. Divine peace in the park. Worth a visit!
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