Hamburg Town Hall

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg Town Hall was built from 1886 to 1897 and with its impressive architecture dominates the centre of the city. The magnificent sandstone building houses the city's senate and parliament.

On the outside the architectural style is neo-renaissance, which is abandoned inside for several historical elements. It is one of the few completely preserved buildings of historicism in Hamburg. Built in a period of wealth and prosperity, in which the Kingdom of Prussia and its confederates defeated France in the Franco-German War and the German Empire was formed, the look of the new Hamburg Rathaus was intended to express this wealth and also the independence of the State of Hamburg and Hamburg's republican traditions.



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Founded: 1886-1897
Category: Palaces, manors and town halls in Germany
Historical period: German Empire (Germany)


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User Reviews

Venula Tharusha (5 months ago)
Just wonderful. It was built in late 1800s and it took 11 years to build it. The tower is 112 meters tall, so you can see the tower in every point of the city. There are 20 scrulptures pf the kings. Furthermore, there is a fountain inner courtyard. If you don't see this building in Hamburg, never say that you visited Hamburg.
Elisabeth Hall (5 months ago)
WOW. It's BEAUTIFUL and interesting I like it ALL. I have been here many time's and wait, to come in before the BUS Drive Home. I did it and was in the BUS as the last 2 minutes before leaving. I give 5 BIG STAR'S
Malcolm See (6 months ago)
Best Xmas Market in Hamburg. This is the probably the biggest one and the one most worth visiting. Good vibes and food, and lots of shopping all around.
Bram Verschoren (11 months ago)
Pretty crowded when we were there and had to wait a while for our burgers, but it was worth it. Very friendly staff and really tasty food in a chill environment. A prefect place for burgers in Hamburg ?
David Bürger (11 months ago)
The tour was really interesting and covered a broad range of topics. Tour guide Brent was interesting to listen to and enthusiastic about the sites.
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