Salzburg Museum

Salzburg, Austria

The magnificent New Residence (Neuen Residenz) on Mozart Square has housed the Salzburg Museum since the summer of 2007. Salzburg Museum is the museum of artistic and cultural history for the city and region. The museum's fully new concept blends valuable objects of art, aesthetic presentations, interesting facts and multimedia installations into a harmonious whole.

The Salzburg Museum was founded in 1834 when a small collection of military memorabilia was made accessible to the public to formalize the memories of the Napoleonic wars. After the revolution in 1848, the collection became the official town museum of Salzburg.



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Founded: 1834
Category: Museums in Austria


4.2/5 (based on Google user reviews)

User Reviews

Thomas S. Iversen (2 years ago)
Amazing museum.. Free with the Salzburg card. Enjoyed theusic exhibition a lot. Highly recommend
Cameron Clark (2 years ago)
While professionally done, this museum lacks cohesion and flow. Many city museums paint a colorful portrait of the city through a series of chronologically-arranged rooms and exhibits, but the Salzburg one felt a lot more random. There were some exhibits on historical topics, but they generally were not very compelling, in no particular order, and mixed with other completely different exhibits. There were some attempts to add modern audio-visual elements, but these were only in German and didn't seem very interesting or informative. The room on archaic musical instruments was the only one that I would call fascinating, though probably of limited interest to anybody who isn't a devotee of classical music. The current exhibit in the basement on toys was not interesting to me at all. I almost missed the fact there is an additional portion of the museum across the breezeway, downstairs. Here finally was a chronology of the city, plus the famous 360° painting of the city, which is a must-see—definitely pay the extra Euro for this.
Kate Summers (2 years ago)
I would highly recommend this to anyone who is visiting Salzburg! It was a modern museum with a touch of something for everyone, from the paintings of the city to special exhibits on coffee to the children's area! If you're here, GO!!
Stephanie Kilgast (2 years ago)
A wonderful museum! Very interactive and you learn a lot (and easily) about the history of Salzburg. The exhibitions are well put together, with varied rooms that keep you interested and entertained. We stayed there for almost 3 hours. Would absolutely recommend, we kept talking about the museum all day long.
Кристина Барикян (2 years ago)
Unfriendly staff, only 2 floors of 4 were working and we were not warned about it, also there was another part of the museum to the right from the entrance which was not working as well, and we were not told about that part of the museum at all. It is not worth it compared the money they ask to pay. There were no clear signs throughout the exhibition and that’s why everything looked messy and not related to each other.
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